I share here what I have been reading, articles or books, but also the experiences that I make, to reproduce these old techniques of map-making.

Published articles

Colors & Pigments

Micro-Raman and particle-induced X-ray emission spectroscopy for the study of pigments and degradation products present in 17th century coloured maps, Nuno Mendes, 2008

This article reports the results of the analysis of three 17th century maps using two spectroscopic methods. It contributes to a better knowledge of the techniques and palettes used for the coloring of maps of this period as well as the degradation of the pigments.

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This article explores the utility of X-Ray Florescence (XRF) in identifying pigments used in early modern hand-colored prints.

(article in French) Illumination (enluminure) is the art of putting color on prints. The author discusses the techniques of illumination of printed maps and atlases and their evolution over these three centuries. She discusses the colors used and the manner in which the maps are “colored”, in the Flemish, Dutch or French way.

In this thesis, we discover the nature of the trade in blue pigments in the 17th century, through the examination of works preserved in the Collection of the National Gallery of London. It describes the pigments available during the period and their place of origin, but also the factors that influenced the use of these pigments, whether they were of social and cultural nature (taste, religion, and art market) or other factors such as war, laws, and even climate.